Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma, founders of the Golden Age Foundation, have always said that the solution to humanity's suffering can only be found through Enlightenment. There are many Divine Beings (Avatars) on this planet working to take humankind into the Golden Age where humanity will live in total harmony with the Universe. But Enlightenment is not something that can be achieved by an individual without divine intervention. It is the mission of Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma to bring all of humanity to enlightenment. Their vision is to enlighten 64,000 people in the world. As a result, those people will transform the rest of humanity. To this day, every word that Sri Bhagavan has said has come true. Each day the energy that is being transferred to individuals is increasing many fold and thousands of people are becoming enlightened here and now. “Truth that is not your truth is untruth.” Come and experience Enlightenment for yourself.

Sri Bhagavan was born on the 7th of March 1949 in the town of Natham, North Arcot District in the state of Tamil Nadu, South India. He was a very unusual child, always introspective and only concerned about how to give mankind total freedom. Today, we recognize Sri Bhagavan and his partner Amma as Divine Avatars, very rare beings who can give liberation to practically anybody. They take complete responsibility for giving complete Enlightenment to all seekers and are not satisfied with giving some nice teachings, temporary states or performing some miracles.

When asked “When did this change in consciousness come to you?”, Sri Bhagavan replies:
“There has been no change in My consciousness since I was a little child. I never had a guru. Even as a little child riding on the shoulders of a giant like servant or sitting under a tree while My friends played, My only concern was humanity’s suffering. I would silently sob, choke and faint, experiencing humanity’s suffering. My body does not have a limitation. The conciousness of My body is limitless and hence it experiences all that Man experiences. My only passion ever since I came into this planet has been to end humanity’s suffering. And I knew to end suffering, mankind needed to enter into an altered state of consciousness. I also knew that Man was helpless and it has to be given to him and I decided to give it.
The miracles that Amma and I perform are merely manifestation of the compassion and love we feel for you. It is simply the power of our consciousness that is making this neuro-biological transformation in the brain possible, leading you to Enlightenment”

Sri Amma was born the 15th of August 1954 in the beautiful village Sangham in the state of Andhra Pradesh, South India. She is loved for her wisdom and childlike simplicity. We could say that Sri Bhagavan and Amma are one being in two bodies and both of them can transfer the state of Oneness to any amount of people. Bhagavan is guiding this process while Amma is generating tremendous energy so that the Oneness state will become available for everybody. When asked about healing, Bhagavan often tells people to ask Amma as she will react faster than him since she is an embodiment of Shakti, the feminine divine power. Those who have an inner contact (friendship) with both Bhagavan as well as Amma will get Oneness much easier as there will be harmony of yin and yang within.

In the 1980's Amma, Bhagavan and his friend and disciple from childhood, Shankarji, opened a spiritual school called Jeevashram. The divine phenomenon took birth in July 1989, when suddenly the students began to experience great states of cosmic consciousness. Great miracles became a daily happening in the lives of these students and many of them became like real prophets and mystics. After some time Bhagavan and Amma selected six students as their direct disciples and began their real project - to transfer the Oneness state to mankind. From this humble official beginning in 1991 Bhagavan's Golden Age Movement has today approximately 15-30 millions members from all over the world. This number is increasing daily and many new countries get added every passing year.